Today I would like to point out to you the importance of forgiveness.
I know that it can be very hard to forgive someone who hurt you. But in order to move on, this is a step you can’t skip.

You need to forgive in order to let go of those negative energies that you carry with yourself. You need to forgive in order to heal the wounds you gained. It’s essential. So please try to accept the idea that you really need to forgive. I’m here to help you on the way
I realized a very important thing, which might help you in this process: Evil people don’t exist, there are just unhappy ones. Because all the negative energies origin from unhappiness, fears and frustrations.
I hope this aspect can help you overcome your pain. If your pain is so big, that you can’t imagine yet to forgive, then I don’t want to force it. I just ask you to try to get familiar with the concept that you really need to forgive, because it serves you. And we’ll keep on working on it
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