3 reasons to forgive

Why do you need to forgive? Do you actually need to forgive?

Well I believe you do. Don’t misunderstand me forgiveness is not about loving your enemy. No, I’d rather say accepting and understanding your enemy.

Forgiving actually serves you, not the other person. So just be selfish, do it for yourself, not for the other person. So why do you need to forgive? I brought you three reasons 🙂

 3 reasons to forgive

Reason number 1: Forgive to release negativity

You need to forgive in order to let go of that negative feeling that remained inside you. Because that negative feeling inside you is a part of you that doesn’t serve you. It’s there, and it keeps reminding you of negative things, and it keeps making you feel negative, which is obviously something you don’t want. I guess you know that you create your reality with your feelings. And if you feel negative inside, then you’ll attract things in your life that resonate with that negativity. And you don’t want that I guess. 😇

Reason number 2: Forgive, because you can’t skip this step, sooner or later, you need to forgive

Do you believe in Karma? Well, I do to a certain degree. And if you either, then think about this. I do believe that if you don’t put an end to your hatred, so if you don’t forgive, you’ll get in similar situations, until you come to the conclusion and accept the idea of forgiving. It can be in another lifetime as well, but you can also choose to put an end to your hatred now. The choice is yours. 😊

Reason number 3: Forgive to accept yourself, forgive to grow

From my perspective this is the top reason to forgive. Forgiving the other person means for me to accept the way he/she is. And if you manage to accept that person that also means, that you managed to accept a great part of you. Just think about it! Everything is your reflection. Why can’t you accept the other person. What is inside you that generates hatred? Why do you care about this person at all? What is inside you that makes you feel the way you do towards this person? So if you find the reason inside you why being unable to forgive (it can be fear, it can be self-confidence issues and many other things), then you can accept that reason.
To give you an example: OK, I hate this person because he does things the way he does because of his low self-confidence, and with that he is reflecting me that I also have low self-esteem. So finding this reason may help you come to the conclusion that you should rather work on your self-esteem instead of putting hatred (negative energy) in the relationship. So it means that if you do this process, then you managed to accept a great part of you (accept that you have low self-esteem) and you managed to grow in your life (work on it and build self-confidence) heart

I hope it makes sense, and I’m interested. What’s your opinion? Can you bring other reasons to forgive? Do you actually agree that forgiveness is important?

PS. If you know in your mind that you should forgive, you just can’t do it alone and you feel you need a helping hand, then feel free to request an Online Relationship NLP-coaching (with satisfaction guarantee)

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