4 cases when you should consider sending love and blessing

Why should you send love and blessing to someone?

Well because sending love and blessing is actually sending energy to someone. And sending energy makes both of you feel better. I brought you 4 cases when you should consider sending love and blessing to someone, because it can make wonders I hope you are willing to give it a try 🙂

Case #1

You should send love and blessing if you want to help someone. You actually send helping energy to the person. It can help boost the other person’s energy. So for example if your friend is in a difficult situation in his/her life, send love and blessing to him/her. It could be an exam, it could be divorce, it could be problems in a workplace, it could be problems in a relationship, whatever. Sending love and blessing can help a lot.

Case #2

You can send love and blessing if you want to forgive someone. If there is someone you want to forgive, but you just can’t let go of that negative feeling inside you, then taking time frequently to send love and blessing to that person for 1 or 2 weeks can make wonders. After practicing sending love and blessing for 2 weeks, you’ll probably notice a shift in your emotions. You will see that those things that had hurt you so much before become less and less serious. You’ll feel that the wounds that you gained start to heal. And in the end of this process (which can last 1 week or even 1 month or more depending on your concern) you’ll notice that you actually forgive that person. And why should you forgive someone? Here you can find 3 reasons to forgive.

Case #3

You can use it either if you get involved in a conflict with someone. It can help a lot, so try it definitely in this case also. It actually can change the behavior of the other person. I tried it many times, and it always solved my conflicts. I usually send love and blessing after the conflict, because obviously it’s hard to send love and blessing in the middle of an argument. But believe me, I used it many times, and I knew how the other person would have reacted if I haven’t sent love and blessing to him/her.  This technique always solved my conflicts. So after the conflict take some time to send love and blessing and see how the other person will react next time you talk.

Case #4

You can also use it if you simply want to express your love towards someone. It feels so good. And it will have an effect on the other person too. Just give it a try.

And how can you send love and blessing?

Check out this post 😉 If you like guided meditations, you can try my guided meditation, titled Sending love from the mountains guided meditation


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