9 mindfulness questions, we should ask our children regularly

Do I ask these questions everyday?

I used ‘we should’ in the title intentionally, because I don’t ask my children these questions everyday. Actually I just saw a post a couple of days ago, which was about questions in general that we should ask our children. And that post just made me think, and inspired me. So I put together these 9 questions, which I believe we should ask our children almost everyday. Well I can almost guarantee you, that I won’t ask my children all of these questions everyday from now on, but I’ll start to use them, ask some of them everyday 🙂

Let’s see the questions

So let’s see the questions, and you’ll find some explanations or guidance after each  questions.

Question #1

What is the best thing that happened to you today?

Encourage your child to tell more about that thing, help him/her recall the details of it. Ask your child how did he/she feel then? Try to help your child “go back” to that emotion, help him/her feel the joy again. If your child recalls the best thing that happened that day, he/she will recall the emotions again, he/she will feel joyful again, which obviously will raise his/her vibration. Also he/she would practice gratitude in a natural way, which is one of the highest vibrations.

Question #2

What is the worst thing that happened to you today?

Encourage your child to tell more about that thing. Pay attention and listen to your child. Don’t degrade your child’s problem. It is really a problem for him/her. When your child  is finished with the story, then ask him/her to describe how he/she feels. Ask your child to tell you why was it bad for him/her. Ask him/her to imagine putting this feeling in a balloon, then ask him/her to imagine blowing up the balloon and let the balloon fly away. Ask you child to check his/her feelings, if there is anything left behind. If he/she feels better and doesn’t have that bad feeling anymore, then you’re done 🙂 If your child still feels bad, then repeat the process until the bad feeling is gone. (Children usually are very good at this, so probably you won’t have to repeat it so many times)

Question #3

What are you grateful for today?

This question helps again in practicing gratitude. It’s very good to teach your child to be grateful, because then he/she’ll be more likely to form a habit of practicing gratitude. And why is that good? Check out happier human post about 31 benefits of gratitude 🙂

Question #4

What are you proud of today?

Ask the details, pay attention to your child’s story. Tell him/her how proud you are either of him/her. This question will help build your child’s self-confidence. And I guess we all want to build our children’s self-confidence, don’t we?

Question #5

Did you help anyone today?

This question will help your child to be more helpful to others. Your child will pay more attention to help his/her classmates. Being more helpful would make your child more content and proud, which again will boost  your child’s self-esteem.

Question #6

Whom did you play with today?

Bringing up the good feelings, the joy will raise your child’s vibration, which doesn’t need more explanation, I guess 🙂

Question #7

What did you play with him/her?

The aim of this question is simply getting to know your child more. Getting to know what makes him/her feel good?

Question #8

Is there anything you regret doing today?

If your child did something wrong, it’s very good to know about it. Try not to judge your child, just simply talk about it. Tell him/her that all of us make mistakes. It’s OK. Speak a bit about the consequences, if needed. But try to understand your child. You can do the balloon imagery, that you can find below question #2, to help your child let go of the bad feeling.

Question #9

What was the kindest thing that you’ve done today?

The aim of this question (just like question #4 and #5) is a positive feedback from you to your child which can help boost your child’s self-esteem. And also to bring up again good feelings, which will raise your child vibration. And this question is also likely to inspire your child to practice kindness everyday 🙂

Now it’s time to build it in our day-to-day life

So these questions are really good if we want to get to know more our child, if we want to practice mindfulness with our child. So let’s use them, I’ll try to build them in our day-to-day life, I hope you either. I believe it can bring difference in our relationship, in our child’s behavior. Simply by getting more attention from us. What do you think?


PS: Have you checked out my meditation scripts for children? NO? Have a look at it here 🙂 Magical nest – Introducing meditation to your child

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