How can you manifest your dreams, if you feel stuck? Beyond being positive and visualizing your goals….

Do you choose to be positive when it comes to manifesting your dreams?

First of all being positive and optimistic is very important, just like visualizing your goals. So the aim of this post is not about encouraging you to be pessimistic. I do appreciate and acknowledge that we need to be optimistic and positive in order to live a content life. But I think it’s not always about being positive. Especially if you feel you can’t stay positive anymore…

Then what is it about? How can you achieve your goals?

I need to emphasize the things that you might know. Because really, being positive is very important, when it comes to manifesting your goals.

Let’s say you have a goal, a dream that you would like to achieve. It can be manifesting a loving partner, having your dream job or buying your dream house, whatever.

So first of all try to be positive 🙂 Believe in your dream, if you don’t believe in it, how could you manifest it? Imagine it, visualize it as if you’ve achieved it already. Try to feel it by your heart. Be happy about it. And also start to work on it, take steps to achieve your goals. That’s also very important, I believe. Yes it’s good to visualize your goals, but then you need to listen to your inner voice, what’s the next step? What else can you do to achieve your goals?

So now you’ve taken steps, you’ve worked on your goal. Hopefully you’ve had some confirmations, so you can still believe in your goal. But you still haven’t achieved your goal. So what’s next?

Well, try to stay positive 🙂 Keep visualizing and imagining. And now if you say, OK, OK, but you’re over it, you did that, you can’t stay positive anymore. You stayed positive too long, and your goal is still ‘just’ a goal. You haven’t managed to manifest it yet. Then what the hell should you do? How can you stay positive with that?

Well good news is, that if you are at this stage, you don’t need to stay positive. I really don’t think that would solve your problem.

Forcing yourself to stay positive at this stage would be sweeping your emotions under the rug. And suppressing your emotions can be  harmful. So I encourage you to acknowledge that now you give it up. I mean not your goal, of course. You don’t want to give up on your goal. You give up being positive. It’s perfectly OK to feel negative. It’s perfectly OK to feel sad. Acknowledge and embrace your feelings. You really would like to achieve your goal, but what else should you do? Acknowledge that you just can’t stay positive. Now you want answers. You want to know the reasons. You want to know why you can’t get it….

So why don’t you just ask this magical question: ‘WHY’? Why can’t you manifest your dream? Because if it seems that the Universe doesn’t want to give to you, what you want, then let it answer your magical question, why? So ask the Universe (God, Angels, your Higher Self, or whom you believe in). Why can’t you bring me, what I want? Why can’t I receive, what I asked for? Why? What stops me from getting there? Ask these questions many times. Maybe you need to ask them for days, or for weeks. But believe me if you keep asking it, the answer will be delivered to you.

Look for the answers

Maybe you won’t hear it for the first time. Maybe you can’t catch the first signs that the Universe would bring to you. So be patient, and look for those signs. You can also ask your Higher Self to help you notice the signs. And after a while, you’ll get pieces. You’ll get some signs. More and more signs, more and more pieces. You’ll start to understand. It’ll start to make sense. And after a while you’ll realize that your puzzle is solved, you found the core reasons, why you couldn’t manifest your dreams so far…

What can be the reasons?

I truly believe that if you can’t manifest your dream, then there must be a reason or reasons for it. And those are the reasons that you need to figure out.

It can be many many things, really. If I had to say it in two words, that covers everything, what do you think it would be?

Well, I believe the core reasons that prevent us from manifesting our goals, are our limiting beliefs. I’ll just pick you some of our limiting beliefs, just to bring you some examples, and maybe I’ll write a post later to cover that topic in depth.

  • I’m not good enough, I’m not clever enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not …. enough (fill in the blank)
  • I can’t do it because, ….
  • Love hurts

And so on, so forth. And don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to tell these things to yourself all the time. Maybe you saw how your mom behaved in certain situations (and you didn’t like that), and you believe that that’s the only way, how a mother can behave in those situations. Or maybe your mom, your dad, your teacher, your brother, your sister, your boss, or whoever used to tell something to you, that you just believed. So maybe it’s somewhere in your subconscious, you might know that there it is, but you really don’t care about it, because it’s hidden deep inside. You actually hid it because you wanted to be positive…

It can be numerous things. You need to figure them out. Simply ask your Guides, to help you, to show those limiting beliefs to you, that prevent your from manifesting your goals.

What if you figured out the reasons?

Once you figured them out, once the reasons came up to the surface, you can acknowledge them. You can embrace them. You’ll feel more at peace, because you found those reasons. You can understand now, why you hadn’t achieved your goals yet. It’ll become crystal clear, that these beliefs prevented you from your desired state so far. And this gives you the hope again, you can think in a positive way again. This will empower you again. This will help you to believe again. Because once you’ll be at peace with these reasons, once you acknowledged, accepted and embraced them, it’ll be easy to let them go. To let those things go that prevented you from manifesting your dreams. You’ll feel that you can put down those burden you’ve carried so far. You can be positive again, because you know that you can achieve your goals, just how you imagined before. You just need to release your limiting beliefs.

How to release your limiting beliefs?

There are tons of methods out there, maybe I’ll write a post about it later. Here I would just like to offer my method, that resonates with me. So what method do I use to let go of my limiting beliefs? Of course it is meditation. I usually prefer to meditate without guidance, but if you like guided meditations, feel free to listen to my guided meditation here: Let it go Brook

So let it go, and believe in your dream, because they’ll come true someday

PS.: If you feel you need a helping hand in the process of figuring out the reasons, check out my Online NLP Session (with satisfaction guarantee)

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