Breathing exercise for kids

This exercise is a great relaxation technique for even 2-year-old children. They just love it. It helps children calm down. You can tell your child that this is not just a game, but also an exercise that helps him/her calm down. So you can also try this  technique if your child is angry for example. All you need to do it is a plush toy 🙂

Ask your child to lie down comfortably. Then he/she should place the plush toy on the belly. Now ask him/her to take deep breaths. The only thing he/she has to do is to pay attention to his/her breath and how the plush toy moves on the belly.
So slowly tell him/her to take a deep breath in, and watch the belly as it rises. Then ask him/her to blow it all out and watch as the toy goes down. Repeat the process as many time as you want

You can also check videos on YouTube, like this one:

This exercise is not only fun with your child but also good to develop his/her focusing skills. So give it a try 🙂


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