Create parking space :-)

Yesterday we went to the zoo, with my kids, my Mom, my sister and her daughter. We used our seven seater and I was the driver. One thing that you have to know about the zoo in Budapest that you probably won’t get a parking space nearby, unless you go there early in the morning. Our chances to achieve this were very low with 4 children 🙂 so I had to find a different strategy to get a parking space at the zoo…
What I finally did was that he day before yesterday I visualized that I will easily find ‘my’ parking space, near to the entrance. There are two entrances to the zoo, so I made this visualization for both. It took just 1 or 2 minutes.
What happened at the zoo when we arrived? To tell the truth, we drove along the road next to the zoo once without finding a parking space, but when we turned back to drive along from the other direction, we found a proper space just in front of the second entrance. Unfortunately, this one was closed, only the main entrance was open. But we were still happy with that parking space, because it could have been much more bad and it was not so far from the main entrance anyway 🙂

So we entered the zoo and had a fantastic time, every kid enjoyed being there very much. We could see a seal show, that we liked the best, I think. But there was also another performance, where we could see owl, polecat, South-American Coati. We saw many other animals as well, and we also went into the children’s/petting zoo. We spent there at least half an hour, because the kids just didn’t want to leave 🙂 So we really had a fantastic day. We had a lot of fun.

And back to the parking space creating point 🙂 I use this technique many times, and I have to say that it really works for me. So if you haven’t done it so far you definitely should give it a try 🙂

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