Dealing with conflicts spiritually

Today I’ll share with you my „secret” knowledge. The technique I use when getting involved in conflicts. This technique is my number one tip that I learned in the past 3-4 years.
Here is the story how I discovered the power of this technique. I had many conflicts with my dad 3-4 years ago. I loved him and I still do, so we always got reconciled, of course. But it was hard when we argued, which happened quite often then.
Once my sister had a big argument with him, not me. This is important because I was out of the situation. So I saw them, arguing, and actually they quarreled over nothing… Literally, nothing. My dad was very angry, my sister cried. I felt compassion. But this time not only for my sister, but also for my daddy. Because I knew that he didn’t want to hurt my sister, he is just hot-tempered, he can’t help it. He is just like that. I felt that this is because there is so much sadness inside him. Actually he is not happy inside, that’s why he hurts others.
During this argument, my sons started to cry also. They were scared. So my “almost” husband told my dad to go away. Then he went away furiously.
After this incident I meditated on the situation, and I sent love and blessing to my daddy. No one told me to do this, no one showed me how to do it, I just did it. It came deeply from my heart, I just felt that I have to do this. And I did. I didn’t expect anything from it, I just wanted my daddy to feel happier.
The next day, something amazing happened. After a conflict like this he would have told me things about my „almost” husband, like how could he dare to say that to me, he didn’t have right to do that, etc… I was actually worried a bit that if this happened, then what I should answer. But actually he said nothing to me. After reconciling with my sister, he told her that OK, he understands my “almost” husband’s feeling, because obviously he just wanted to protect his children. WOW, I said, when I got to know this. He almost said that my almost husband was right, though I expected just the very opposite from him. I was shocked. I knew that it was the effect of the blessing. It was fantastic. I really didn’t expect anything like this….

So this is how it all started. This is how I discovered my „secret” technique, that works all the time. This is the most important tool that I learned on my journey in connection with letting go of drama… To send blessing to the person, whom you have the conflict with. Sounds strange, yep? But if you build this in your everyday life, I guarantee that after some months, drama will decrease radically in your life.
In my next post I’ll let you know some methods of sending blessing to others.

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