Do you love yourself truly? 7 signs that can indicate lack of self-love

My perspective of self-love

First of all I’d like to let you know my perspective about self-love. I believe that as we are still humans we all have issues with self-love. One has fewer than the other, but I don’t think that there is someone who can love and accept herself unconditionally in every area of her life. Well, I might be wrong, this is my perception only, and if you don’t agree with that, and know someone who loves herself unconditionally, then I’d like to be introduced to that person and I’d love to make an interview with her 🙂

And maybe you say that, well I love myself. I’m OK with myself. But do you really mean it? Do you really feel that way? Do you really think that you are great, are you really grateful for your life, grateful for yourself?

Let’s see some signs in your life that can indicate that you might think it that way, but if you worked on self-love, you could experience great improvement in your life.

7 signs that indicates lack of Self-Love

Examine your self-confidence

If you have issues with your self-confidence, then it’s almost for sure that you have issues with self-love as well. Do you believe in yourself? Check it out with this example:
Let’s say a great idea comes to your mind, what do you do then?

  1. Do you start to think about it, do you get enthusiastic about your idea? Do you start to make plans in connection with your idea? Do you get more and more vibrant because you feel that this is something that you can do and achieve? Do you feel great about it?
  2. Or do you get upset a bit, because you know that you won’t be able to do that? Do you start to persuade yourself, that this is actually unachievable? Do you think things like this: Oh, how I wish I would be able to do it? Do you start to make excuses for why you can’t get it done?

Well think about it, and decide, which describes you more from the above options? If you feel that the second option describes you more, then that indicates that you need to work on self-love.

What about limiting beliefs?

Do you often think (or say) things like this?

I’m not able to do it.
That is not my cup of tea.
I don’t have time (that’s my limiting belief for sure)
I don’t have enough resources.
I’ll sound stupid.
Better safe than sorry.
I don’t know how to do it.
They did it to me, I’m not responsible for it.
What will they think about me?
I’m too lazy to do that.

And obviously this list can go on and on. If you would like to check a bigger list, here you can find one: Higher Awarenness

Or if you have problems to find you limiting beliefs, then Andy Hunt suggests to look for only one word. And this word is “because”. You can check out his post here: Practical Wellbeing

So if you catch yourself thinking/saying these kinds of things, then probably you have issues with self-love.


Can you hear that little inner voice whispering to you? Or do you have problems with hearing it? When my spiritual awakening started, I read everywhere and everyone told me to listen to my inner voice, and trust my intuition. But I was confused. I couldn’t decide if it was my EGO or my Higher Self. I really had many doubts back then. Today most of the times I can hear my inner voice, because I learned to trust myself and I learned to love myself. And I’m not questioning it, there’s no doubt. I know that it comes  from my heart. And I’m so grateful for this.
So if you have doubts to decide if it’s your intuition or your EGO, or if you assume that your Higher Self (Guides, God or Angels or whom you believe in most) doesn’t send messages to you, that also can be a sign for lack of self-love.

Have a look at your relationships

Do you have many conflicts? Is it hard for you to accept other people’s perspectives? Do you get hurt easily by others? Do you get offended often? If your answer is yes to these questions, that can also reflect lack of self-love. Why? Because that shows that you have problems with accepting other people, and that means, that actually you have problems with accepting yourself, which can definitely stem from lack of self-love. So practicing self-love can help in this case either.

Do you feel stuck in your life?

No matter if you feel stuck because you can’t find your partner in your life, because you feel unfulfilled in your career, because you have drama all the time with your family or because you can’t attract financial abundance in your life, or because you don’t know what your life goals are, or whatever area you feel stuck in your life, probably it can be all related to self-love. So just start to examine that area of your life. Can you discover connections between self-love and that area? Try to be honest with yourself!

Do you judge others?

Well, I guess we all judge others. But since I started to love myself more and more, I realized that I judges less and less. Because this is again in connection with accepting others. Because if you can accept others, then you become less judgmental, and this is obviously related to accepting actually yourself. So if you can accept and love yourself you’ll accept and love others.

How about hatred?

Do you hate others? Are there people whom you hate? Believe it or not, since I learned to love myself, hatred disappeared from my life. Really. And I really tell the truth to you, just like I “confessed” that I still judge others sometimes, or everybody has self-love issues, including me of course. So I’d tell you if hatred still would be present in my life. But it’s not. I can’t hate anyone. Why would I? Because I know and truly feel that people don’t do or say bad things because they want to hurt me. No, not at all. They behave that way, because of their fears and frustrations, actually, because of lack of self-love. So if there are people whom you hate, that’s almost for sure that you have issues with self-love. Try to ask yourself the questions: Why do I hate this person? What is inside me that makes me feel the way I do? If you ask yourself these questions frequently, you’ll start to get answers, I’m sure.

So have a look at your life. Make time for self-reflection, and decide for yourself, if you have issues with self-love or not.

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