Do you whisper in your child’s ear while sleeping?

Where did the idea come from?

One of my acquaintances told me that she told her children every day after waking them up that they were healthy and they stayed healthy all the time.

I always forgot to tell them in the morning

I thought how great idea it was. So I wanted to build this ritual in our day-to-day life. But we always have rushing mornings, and I always forgot to tell this statement to my children.

So I thought why didn’t I whisper this sentence in their ears in the evening. I knew that their subconscious mind was not sleeping, so I started this simple ritual. I put some more sentences, so here you can find my version 🙂 The statements that I whisper every single night in my children’s ear 🙂

You are healthy and you stay healthy all the time. I love you very much. Everything is OK.  Sleep well.

So I do this every single day with my kids. Really, I wouldn’t miss it. This is a great way to convince our child’s subconscious mind to believe these things. And we know that what we believe becomes our reality.

So I encourage you to start it today. When your child is asleep whisper kind sentences in his/her ears 🙂

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