Dream field meditation script

Dream field is a meditation script that can help your child fall asleep easier and faster. I was inspired by one of my friends to write this script. She attended a massage course then, and told me that massaging one’s third eye can help one fall asleep. So that’s how the inspiration came to write this script. If it’s hard for your child to fall asleep, you must give it a try. Make sure to read it in a slow, gentle voice to your child.

Lie down, make yourself comfy and gently close your eyes. I will count down from 5 to 1 and during this time you should just pay attention to your breath, and when I say 1, you’ll get completely relaxed. (Slowly count) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Good job. Now you are relaxed.

Imagine that you are in a beautiful field. This field is called Dream Field. There are hundreds of colorful flowers everywhere you look. Dream Field is a place that you can visit when it’s hard for you to fall asleep. This happens to all of us. There might be something that disturbs us, we might have had a busy day or we are just excited about something. So there are some days, when it’s harder for us to fall asleep. It might be also possible that it is hard for you to fall asleep every single day. Dream Field can help you in this case either. If you come and visit this place regularly, then it will become more and more easy for you to fall asleep.

The reason for this is that you can find flowers in this field that can make you drowsy and help you fall asleep. All flowers in this field have pollens that can help you get sleepy if you use them the right way. Now I’ll tell you the trick, how you should do it.

So you are in this beautiful field. Look around. There are wonderful flowers wherever you look. Choose a flower that attracts you the most. Now go and tear it carefully. Good job. Imagine that you lie on your back, on the ground. Place the flower on your forehead between your eyebrows, so that the pollens can contact your skin. These pollens have sleepy effect. They can help you fall asleep when you massage your forehead with them. So let’s start it. Place the flower on your forehead, between your eyebrows. Turn the flower round and round on your forehead, especially in the area between your eyebrows. Slowly massage this little area. Rotate the flower round and round. Turn it again and again, slowly. Great. You can feel that the pollens are on your forehead. You can feel that this area is covered by the little pollens that will help you fall asleep. Indeed, you get more and more sleepy. You feel very tired and sleepy. The pollens help you, they want you to fall asleep quickly and easily. And yes, you feel that you could fall asleep in this very moment. Your eyes get more and more heavy. Now you are sure that the pollens help you. They can always help, whenever it’s hard for you to fall asleep. You‘re still massaging your forehead with the flower round and round. It’s getting harder to stay awake. (Pause)

OK, now you can stop the massage. It’s time to come back slowly if you want. But you can choose to stay like that if you want to fall asleep right now. If you decide to come back, you’ll still feel sleepy and you’ll fall asleep easily after returning.

I’ll count from 1 to 5 and whenever you are ready, open your eyes. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. You can open your eyes if you want.

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