Edible finger paint for rainy days

Originally I made this finger paint for my two-year-old, because I thought my older ones wouldn’t get excited about it, but actually they did. Moreover they were more enthusiastic than the youngest one, because he didn’t like the idea to have a messy finger 🙂 I think he is the only two-year-old in the world, who doesn’t enjoy this activity. But finally using a paintbrush and cookie cutters convinced him that this can be real fun 🙂

I found the recipe here, thank you Imagination Tree, Anna 😉

* 2 cups of corn starch
* 1 cup of cold water
* 4.5 cups of boiling water
* Liquid food coloring

I only had three colors home red, blue and yellow, but we made green from yellow and blue. That was also fun for the boys 🙂

Christmas feeling with cookie cutters 🙂

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