Fear Falls – meditation not only for children

This is a meditation script that can help your child let his/her fear go easier. My kids were  scared one night in our weekend house, because we heard noises. Even me and their dad were frightened, that there was someone in the house. Finally it turned out, that martens made the noises in the attic, but my kids still had fears for many days after this evening.

So we used this meditation to release their fears easier. I hope you don’t need it now, but anytime your child fears something, don’t forget to use it. It can help a lot!

Lie down, make yourself comfy and gently close your eyes. Take a deep breath in, and slowly blow it all out. Breathe in through your nose and now calmly breathe out through your mouth. Inhale again slowly, and now exhale. Good job. Your body is relaxed.

Imagine that you are walking in a beautiful field, called Brave Field. There are colorful flowers everywhere around you. The Sun is shining, and you can hear the chirp of the birds. It’s very nice to be here. As you walk you notice a little being a few steps away from you. You don’t really know what it is, but he looks cute. He also notices you, so you tell him your name. He tells you that his name is Beck, and he is on his way home to the forest.

You can see the forest, where Beck lives, and you ask him if you can go with him. He is glad about it, so both of you start to walk towards the forest. You walk slowly. You breathe deep fresh air. Now you reached the forest, and you step on a little path with Beck. He asks you if you had heard about Fear Falls. You say no, so he tells you that he will show it to you. You follow him gladly. You walk further, and now you can hear a little noise. You realize that it is the sound of a waterfall, so now you know that Fear Falls is a waterfall actually. You ask Beck if you are right, and he confirms that you are.

Now you can see the lake, where Fear Falls falls down. Some more steps, and you are there. You arrived. There is a wonderful waterfall in front of you.

You ask Beck why it is named Fear Falls, and he says, that if you want to know that then you should go on the top of the Falls. So you go up. You still have to climb a bit, but your are almost there… Now you reached the top. Beck tells you that Fear Falls is not an ordinary waterfall. It has magical power. You get more and more curious about this place. Beck tells you that its name is Fear Falls, because if you drop your fears in it, it falls done, Fear Falls washes away, and your fears are gone. You are super excited, and you ask Beck if it can wash away any kind of fear. He tells you that you can drop any kind of fear in it, and it will surely wash away. But since some fears are bigger than others, it might happen rarely, that you have to drop your fear more than once. Beck encourages you to try it out. So you decide to do so. He tells you how to do it:

Think of one of your fears. It’s very important to think of one fear at once. Got it? OK, now visualize that you pull this fear out from your body, with your hands. Then just go next to Fear Falls, and drop it in strongly. Feel as your fear goes away. Feel it in your body that you let it go now. You don’t have this fear anymore. You don’t need this fear anymore. You are free. Your fear vanished in Fear Falls (in the Falls). You got rid of that fear. It won’t cause you any trouble anymore. You feel that you relieved. You could let that fear go. The waterfall washed it away. Now inhale the smell of the waterfall. This is the other thing you have to do. Inhaling the scent of the waterfall fills you up with courage. So take 5 deep breaths. (Slowly count) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Good job. Now your whole body is filled with courage. You feel to be brave, strong and powerful. You know that everything is OK. (Pause)

Now that your fear is gone and your whole body is filled with courage, you say thank you to Beck. You hug each other. You know that you can come here anytime to meet him. You know also that if you have other fear you can come here to drop it in Fear Falls.

Now you start to walk back to the field. You go calmly, taking deep breaths. You reached Brave Field. Now you understand that it is called Brave Field, because after dropping your fear into Fear Falls, its scent fills you up with courage and makes you feel brave. Now it’s time to come back. Whenever you are ready, you can open your eyes, and when the you do so, you will still feel brave.

I will write a modified version also, so you can use it other times as well. Just keep an eye on my blog, or my Facebook page 😉

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