Forms of meditation for beginners (2+6 forms + inactive meditation types)

I promised in my last post (which was about how to meditate properly) to write about some forms of meditations you can choose from if you decide to start practicing. The topic of meditation for beginners is endless. There are many things that can be written about his topic really. But I wouldn’t like it to be too long, so I’d really focus on to list these 8 forms of meditation to you. Which doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other types of meditation. Of course you can find other meditation types. And of course one is not better than the other. You should just find the one that resonates the most with you 🙂

The two most popular styles of meditation are Transcendental and Mindfulness meditation. Transcendental uses silent “mantra” repetition, where a mantra is a repetitive sound, a word or phrase, while Mindfulness meditation is about just observing your thoughts without judging them. The purpose of this is to become aware of every thought and emotion as it arises, and then to let them go. So these two forms are the most popular ones. You can try these, but you can also choose to try other ways and other types. The best would be to discover for yourself which fits you the best. I do believe that one meditation type is not better than the other. You should really find the one that resonates the most with you.

So I’d just like to list 6 other meditation types here, that you can experiment with. Try these and  choose the one, that you like most 🙂

  • Guided meditations
  • Focusing on your breath
  • Become aware of your body (by focusing on parts of your body)
  • Focusing on one thing (it can be a candle, or your third eye for example)
  • Think of nothing: this is very hard in the beginning. The way it can be easier: Ask the question what will be my next thought? Then you’ll notice a little gap between your thoughts. If you practice it long enough than the gap will be longer and longer.
  • Visualizing your goal (or actually daydreaming about your goals)

So these were the 2 + 6 forms of meditation I wanted to share with you. As I mentioned I truly believe that it doesn’t matter which form or type you choose, it will be beneficial for you in a long-term anyway.

It is also important to note that if your mind wanders during meditation, don’t be upset or frustrated. It’s perfectly OK, it happens. Meditation is not about forcing yourself to close your mind, and focus on only one thing. Meditation is about to allow yourself to accept whatever happens during meditation. There are no good or bad ways here. There are no strict rules. Just do it without expectations and you’ll experience the positive effects, I’m sure.

Personally I usually practice the Think of nothing method, but I also like daydreaming about my goals, and sometimes I use guided meditations as well.

I would also like to add here, let’s say inactive meditation types (as I mentioned in the title). Because I do believe that we can get into a meditative state while doing something that we love and enjoy. I think our minds go to a relaxed state when practicing these activities, which we might refer as hobbies. It can be many things, and it’s different for almost everyone. It is true here either that you need to find the activity that resonates with you the most.

So now I just give you a list of the activities that comes to my mind, but obviously there are a lot more out there
Painting, running, jogging, swimming, gardening, fishing, walking, coloring, crafting, qigong, yoga, biking, dancing, hiking, photography, walking in the nature.

So if you don’t like yet the idea of sitting and waiting for enlightenment during meditation, then maybe firstly you should keep practicing more of what you love But as soon as you feel ready to practice “active” meditation as well, I encourage you to start it right away.

How about you? How do you meditate? What type of meditation do you practice? How about inactive meditation? What is your favorite activity, during which your mind can get in a relaxed state? I’d really love to hear it 🙂

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