Great idea what to make under your trampoline :-)

Do you have a trampoline in your garden? What about mowing the lawn under it? Do you like it? If not, then we have a great idea for you 🙂 Actually it wasn’t my idea, it was my hubby’s, so I only would like to share it….

So it all started with that: we bought the trampoline 2 years ago, to great delight of the kids. They really love it. But my hubby hated to mow the lawn under it. He always had to pull the trampoline away first to have a nice result. He also didn’t like that that the grass became ugly under it because of the shadow. So he really wanted to do something with the situation. He was thinking about laying rubber bricks or covering the ground with pine bark. But then it came to his mind that we should make a gigantic sand box under it. Well needless to say that it was a super idea.

We thought that it would be one or two days to do it, of course, we didn’t manage to finish it in 2 days 🙂 It took about a week, because we could only work on it in the evenings… But now it’s done, and the kids enjoy it very much. They can play together there for hours 🙂 Actually, not just they, but I too 🙂 We have so much fun in our new sand box. The children love building castles, and rivers. One day they built two villages, and the two villages were fighting with each other with sand balls, and I became the sand ball supplier for both villages 🙂 I tell you, I couldn’t make enough sand balls on time 🙂 They were so cute!

So I can really recommend this solution for everyone, it will be a relief to the husband (or the person taking care of your lawn) and a great place and source of fun for the family. You can even let the children play under the trampoline, in its shadow during the hours of the most intense UV radiation.

One important NOTICE: nobody should use the trampoline if someone is under it and nobody should go under the trampoline if someone is already jumping in it! Make a rule of it to the kids, as we did!

Finally, in an attempt to convince you about making such a sand-box-trampoline combo, have a look at our sand box 🙂


IMG_20160808_184537 (2)

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