He turned 10…. so soon…

10 years have passed. So fast… 10 years ago, my first little son was born. I felt so happy, I never had such a feeling before. Even if the circumstances of the birth of my child hadn’t been the way I imagined… Well, I didn’t have any clue about law of attraction… But maybe if I’d had, everything would have happened the same way… Who knows…

After 16 hours of labor pains, the doctor decided that I need to be operated, so eventually I gave birth to my child by c-section. You can guess how disappointed I felt, mainly because we chose that hospital because it supports natural child birth…

But I forgot all the pain at the moment he arrived. He brought so huge love and happiness which I hadn’t experienced before… In the past few days I recalled my last days of pregnancy, the birth, and of course the first moments together as a family. Actually, I do this every year, but now it was different a bit. It was more detailed, more emotional and much more. I can’t really put it in words, but hopefully you got it 🙂

So I recalled the past. He was there with us at home. I remember he was only 2 weeks old and we said to each other with my hubby, that it’s like he has been always there with us… And day after day passed, and suddenly he turned 1 year old. Then the days, the months and years kept passing, and now here we are, he is 10.

I remember that when he was born, I never thought about the distant future, what it would be like 10 years from then. In my last days of pregnancy I was focusing on his birth, and after he was born, my focus was on him. Somehow time passed slower before his birth, and I didn’t care about the so distant future. After his birth time started to pass faster. So I remember when he was for example 1 year old, and I looked at other older kids, I thought: I can’t imagine him being 4 years old. And I think about this a lot. 10 years passed so fast, and another 10 years will definitely pass fast again, and then I’ll have a 20-year-old, an almost 18-year-old, and a 12-year-old boy. Wow… Hard to imagine, yet it will come soon, I’m afraid!

But to stay at the present. He is an amazing 10-year-old boy. Like every Mom I also think that my children are special, and I think that this is normal. So now I won’t write down why he is so special, just believe me, that he is 🙂

Of course there happened to be worries and sometimes arguments as well, but this was a fantastic 10 years in my life. 10 years full of joy and full of love, and hopefully some other brilliant 10 years are yet to come 🙂

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