Healthy eating

I told you in my very first post that I’ll write about my weaknesses. Now food is one of it, unfortunately. It’s not like we eat too much and unhealthy foods all the time! No, moreover, I really try to pay attention to our meals. So, most of the time my children eat 5 times a day. Breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, evening snack, and dinner. For breakfast they drink milk or a hot cocoa drink with some cereals, for mid morning snack they always eat some fruits. Lunch is usually soup and main dish) 🙂 After lunch they get some desert, home made cake or if we don’t have that then some chocolate. For evening snack they eat fruity yogurt or something from the bakery (e.g. croissant) or again some fruits. And for dinner there is bread, cheese, ham and some vegetables. So this is I think not so bad, but it could be healthier. I know that we should eat more vegetables, and maybe sugar shouldn’t be so much in our meal (I mean here the cocoa drink, chocolate, cakes, fruity yogurt and things like that). So I know what I should change but actually, each time I decided to eat healthier, it lasted some days, but then we got back to this lifestyle… I don’t know why. Maybe we need some more time for this 🙂

And healthy lifestyle also would be important for myself , because I’ve been overweight a bit (fortunately not so much) in all of my life. Moreover, after giving birth to my first kid (relative to my ideal weight) I had 55 pounds to lose, then I lost 33 pounds, but repeated the 55-33 cycle with the two other boy also and now I still have an extra 22 pounds. Actually, I always had this extra 22 pounds. But now I want to get rid of it, and I know I will, and I know I have to make a change in our meal habits. Hopefully this year. I’ll share how I can manage that 🙂

All in all, I still have to work on introducing healthy eating to me and my family. This is something that I really need to improve. Please, share with me, if you managed to do such a change 🙂

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