How my friend became more patient with her child?

NLP sessions for my friends

As you might know I became certified as an NLP Practitioner. Since I’d like to practice my new knowledge, I ask my friends to be my guinea pig, and offer to “NLP” them in my free time πŸ™‚

My friend’s problem

My friend had aΒ  problem not being patient enough with her youngest child. She was very disappointed. She decided every single day that today she would be more patient, she would not react harshly and she would not shout with her child. But it was the same everyday. She lost her temper and shouted with her child. And then of course she felt very very bad about it. She felt guilty, she blamed herself f

or being such a bad mom. Although she is not at all a bad mom. She is actually a very good mom.

The NLP session with my friend

I told her sometimes to do an NLP session. And finally we could arrange a date, and could meet. I chose to use a quite powerful NLP technique, which you can get to know more about by reading this post. We re-wrote completely the picture of herself. It was amazing.

In the beginning of the session I asked her to describe her feelings, her emotions.Β  She told me that she was frustrated and angry and she felt a big pressure from her chest up to her head.

After the session her negative feeling had gone completely. It disappeared. She told me, that it was so interesting to feel this way, because if she thought about her problem before the session, she could feel the pressure inside her, she could feel how heavy and big it was. But after the session as she thought about her problem, she couldn’t feel anything. She felt peace. But as she was thinking about it, she was like wow, I wish the pressure wouldn’t come back. She wanted to push the picture away from herself, in case it would come back. So she had a little fear, what if the pressure came back? But after a while she realized that the feeling was really gone, so she didn’t need to push anythingΒ  away, because nothing was coming back actually.

After the session

And then of course we called each other how things went. On the first day she said, that well, she was patient, but still afraid, that this was just temporary improvement in her state. So we talked again on the second day, and she told me the same. That it was so good, because she could experience that actually her child did the same things that in the past, but she didn’t get angry, she could stay calm πŸ™‚ But of course she was still afraid, what if this state didn’t last long. And well we talked the other day, and then again and again… And after a while she didn’t say that she was afraid, because she could experience a shift in her behavior. She told me that of course there are moments, when she needs to be assertive, but she doesn’t shout and get angry. So she could really experience a great shift in her behavior. And that was our aim. This happened about 3-4 weeks ago, so I guess we can say that the session was successful πŸ™‚

Would you like to have an online session with me?

I’d also like to offer you an online NLP session. So if you feel stuck in situation in your life, feel free to contact me. One session takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on your problem. And it would cost 40 USD. Because I want you to feel content with my session, you only need to pay after the session, and only if you feel better, only if I could help decrease your negative feelings.

Why is it so cheap?

I know that usually an NLP session costs about 100-150 USD (and more likely above). But I chose 40 USD, and also to pay after the session, because I’m yet an inexperienced NLP Practitioner. I’m very enthusiastic about NLP and helping other people, so that’s why I wanted to give a reasonable and affordable price for you πŸ™‚

Please note that there might be 1-5 sessions needed to make your negative feelings disappear completely. But in my experience yet, one session was enough for my friends, so hopefully it’ll be enough for you either πŸ™‚

So I’d be very glad to work with you, if you feel:

  • sad, depressed
  • stuck in a situation
  • you have relationship problems, it can be with your spouse, relatives, friends, colleagues
  • you have fears or phobia

How can we do an online NLP session?

Working together would mean, that you get in touch with me here. You write your problem to me, so that I can prepare before and choose the right NLP technique for you.

Then we would arrange a date, that is good for both of us (please note that usually I’m available for a session from Monday to Friday 9 AM-1 PM CEST time zone (make sure to check time zones, here’s a helpful website for that). And then we’d have the session via Skype or Messenger. And if you feel better, then I send the link, where you can pay. You can make a payment via PayPal. And that’s it πŸ™‚

So I’m here to help you, feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to working together with you πŸ™‚

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