How positive affirmations helped my son get rid of teasers

My oldest son is ten and a half years old now. In the autumn he told me more and more frequently that he was teased again. About once a week he was teased. He was so sad about that.

There was one week, when he was teased more than once. I remember it was Wednesday, and he complained every single day that week, from Monday to Wednesday. He said, he hates to go to school, and he hates his classmates. That was the time, that I told him, that we need to do something. I told him that I was afraid that he was on a downward spiral, so he creates his reality according to that. He started to attract more and more teasing in his life. And I think that it would’ve been getting worse and worse, if we hadn’t started to do something.

So I suggested him to use positive affirmations every day. We used two sentences:

  • I like school more and more.
  • I have more and more friends.

He had to repeat these two simple sentences for 4 minutes, every day.

The result was unexpected. From the first day (from that Thursday), he had not been teased again. Next week, he started to mention classmates he played with, whom he actually had never played with before. He really started to have more friends. I was so happy about this, because it was so hard for him to make friends with his classmates earlier. He couldn’t find his place until then, but I believe that he has now two good friends in the class. And I don’t say that he loves to go to school, but at least he does not hate to.

Actually, I wanted to share this story much earlier, but there were always other things to do. The situation seems to be stable, although we don’t use those affirmations any more. I think he repeated the sentences for about a month.

So, all in all, I can say that positive affirmations worked for us. Give it a try, if you have some kind of problem 😉

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