I managed to do it

All of us have frustrations, fears, beliefs. These fears and frustrations belong to us, and it’s very hard to let them go, even if you know that it depends only on you, because you’re the creator of your life. It’s hard because they are in our everyday life, and we just don’t get there to deal with these problems. But many times it wouldn’t take much time to let these things go. Many times it is more than enough to change your attitude, and not to stress on things.

So, today and yesterday I had these experiences, which I decided to share now.  Yesterday my middle son went to a trip with the kindergarten. He loves when I’m already there when they get back to the kindergarten, but I had to go and pick up my eldest son in school at that time. I was worrying a bit, what if they get back earlier from the trip? I knew he would be disappointed. Then I said to myself: ‘OK, stop it, I’ll be just in time, and we get there exactly when the bus arrives back.’ So I changed my thoughts, and was happy that it would happen like that. And when do you think we got to the kindergarten? Exactly when they arrived. Well, the bus was already there when we got there, but my middle son was still on board 🙂

And today I repeated this. But before I tell the story, you have to know about me, that I hate to drive where I usually don’t go by car, I’m afraid of getting lost. Well, this can be just understood by those who feel the same 🙂 Anyway, today I had to go somewhere, where I rarely go. And I was planning to take the longer route, which I knew for sure and it would be fine. Unfortunately, the longer route is approximately three or four times longer. And then again, I changed my mind and decided that I’d listen to the inner sound, and take the shorter and faster route, and I thought that it would be fine. And it was like that, I didn’t get lost! I was very proud of myself that I did it. Afterwards, when I was planning the way back, I thought that I should go for sure and choose the long way. I was quite sure that I wouldn’t find the way back if I didn’t go on the longer route. And then again, it came to my mind that I can do it. I should just follow and listen to my intuitions. And again, I managed to get back without getting lost 🙂

Maybe this doesn’t sound a great achievement for you, but believe me, I had to overcome a serious fear of mine in this driving story.

By the way, when I came home, I wanted to write a post. But I have so many ideas what to write about, I was a bit confused, which one to choose. Then I chose to write about my quick-temper. I started it, but the screen went black, and then I deleted that post by an accident. At this time I thought, ‘OK, I’ll go and meditate on this.’ I mean I wanted to meditate on the topic of the post, so that I know for sure what to write about. And to my surprise, during the meditation I saw this blog post which I’m writing right now 🙂

Back to the main point, you can see that you just have to change your attitude and start to believe in yourself to achieve what you want. Dare to use this power that is within all of us 🙂

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