Kristof is home again :-)

Kristof came home on Friday. He had an adventurous way back home, but finally he had arrived 🙂 He enjoyed the 5 days very much. He felt homesick occasionally, he said, but he enjoyed the daily excursions very much. One day they walked 12 km (about 7,5 miles). They were in the mountains, in forests and of course they saw many things that they cannot see in the city 🙂 So he came home with many experiences 🙂 And he had no tick (though there were some children who had). Of course, I’m not saying that this is because of the tick repellent that I made, because he used that one also that we bought… I’m just glad that he didn’t have any ticks:-)

His way back home was a bit adventurous, because they got home only at 23:30 on Friday. Their bus that was supposed to pick them up was 2 hours late. Kristof was so exhausted, but still in a good mood. And as for me, when they finally came back I was so happy, I hugged him, and I didn’t want to release him, and I had tears of joy, so it was really touching to have him back. It was also a relief for me as I had a bad feeling when the teachers sent the message that they would be late. For me it was like something bad was going to happen. I even cried a bit. This bad feeling, which I hadn’t felt for so long, overrun me repeatedly, and I knew that I had to calm myself somehow. So I told my hubby to look after the two boys at home, because I need to meditate. I sat down in “my meditation place” and calmed myself as much as I could. Then I started to send golden light to the class. First, I imagined sending golden light towards the bus, then I imagined that bright light covers the whole bus. I was calm by this time, and I felt that everything would be OK. After covering the bus with bright light, I sent golden light to my son. I tried to imagine as much as I could that the golden light flows through him and makes him shine like gold. The light was like a shield, I knew that he was going to be fine. Imagining this was really comforting. I calmed down almost completely. I might have been a bit anxious yet, but much less than I’d been. And when they sent a message that they would be in front of the school in 30 minutes, I calmed down completely. I was happy to get my child back after 5 long days 🙂

Well, I don’t now why that bad feeling came, but it was really frustrating. If I hadn’t meditated, I would have been very nervous in that 3 hours I guess. So it helped me a lot!

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