Live meditation on Self-Love

Do you love yourself truly? Are you good to yourself?
Meditation on Self-Love is coming tomorrow Would you like to join us (for free)?

Note, there can be some side effects of practicing self-love
For example:

    • You can become more intuitive
    • You can become more confident
    • You can let go of your limiting beliefs
    • You can become more productive
    • You can get to know more who you really are
    • Your relationships can improve
    • You can become less judgmental

And the list goes on….
Please attend this event only if you can deal with these side effects

If you are not sure if you love yourself or not, then here you can find some signs that can indicate lack of Self-love: Do you love yourself truly? 7 signs that can indicate lack of self-love

So if you feel drawn, I’d be happy to invite you to a guided meditation to love yourself more. It will be a live (but prerecorded, to assure the quality of the sound) event on Youtube on March 24 22:00 CET.

Make sure to check the time zones Here is a helpful website for that:

I’d be really glad if you joined me, let’s meditate together
If you are interested, please join our group, where you can join the event


Subscribe to my Youtube Channel by clicking here

If the date is not good for you, then I also encourage you to subscribe to my Youtube Channel because, after our live meditation, the guided meditation will be available there.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask

Looking forward to “meeting” you there!
Your host: Spiri Csilla, certified meditation guide, Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner

Update: We did it, it was amazing, you can listen to the guided meditation here: I love myself guided meditation


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