Meditation: Finding the light in the forest

Today I’d like to share with you a meditation. It popped in my mind some weeks ago. I used it sometimes already, so I hope you’ll also find it useful. You can use it in many areas of your life, including when you are in the middle of the drama.
After relaxing your body (you can do it for example by focusing on your breath or focusing on your body) imagine that you are in a forest.
This forest seems a bit frightening, it is dark, and you can’t really see anything, because of the trees. It’s a very thick forest. You walk a bit, then you stop, and you walk again. You can’t find the way where you can go out. You feel a bit sad.
You ask the Universe to help you go out. To your surprise you notice a Light Being after asking the Universe. You feel calmness deep inside your heart. Now you know that you are saved.
The light being welcomes you warmly, and start to lead you out. You walk together and you have a strong feeling of peace. Now you really know that you are safe. As you walk you notice that it starts to get lighter with every step. You can see more now. You notice that you’ll reach the last trees soon, and you’ll get out of the forest. Now you feel that everything is perfectly OK. Just some steps and you are there…

Now you reached those tress, and you can see the light. It is not dark any more. Your eyes has to get used to the light, but now you can see and understand everything. You can see the reason why you were lost, and you can also see the solution to your problem. You feel grateful that you know how to solve your problem. Now if you want you can stay a bit like that, enjoying this peaceful state.
If you feel ready to come back, count from 1 to 5, and after number 5 you can open your eyes and return.
After or even during this meditation you might have feelings, intuition, so pay attention to them. They can be the solution to your problem. So give it a try, it may help you

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