Meditation: Step on the solution field

Today I’d like to share a meditation with you. It came to me some weeks ago. I hope you’ll find it useful. You can use this meditation when you face a problem in your life, to which you can’t find the solution yet.
After relaxing your body (you can do it for example by focusing on your breath or focusing on your body) imagine that you are in a big land.
This land is divided by a fence into two pieces. One piece of the land is called the problem field, while the other one is the solution field. You stand in the problem field. Observe the land from above. Have a look at the place where you stand. Is it far from the fence? Or are you near the fence? Or you see yourself in just the middle?
Now you notice a gate in the middle of the fence. Now look again from above where you are. Are you far from that gate? Or is it just next to you?
Now imagine (not from above now), that you start to walk into the direction of the gate. You can walk slowly, or faster, or you can also choose to run in the direction of the gate. Can you find the gate easily?
Now that you found the gate you feel that you are almost there. You can feel that you almost found the solution to your problem. Now you know that everything will be perfectly OK. You just need to open that gate, and step on the solution field. So get prepared, because you are about to leave the problem field, which means that you’ll see the solution to your problem. So put your hands on the gate, and if you feel ready to leave behind the problem, then open the gate gently.

And yes you are there. You stepped on the solution field. You can see that this field is brighter than the other, so your eyes has to get used to the light, but now everything starts to make sense. You can see the reasons behind your problem, and you can also see the solutions. You are very grateful for having this experience. You are grateful for seeing the solution. Everything is clear now. Now if you want you can stay a bit like that, enjoying this peaceful state.
If you feel ready to come back, count from 1 to 5, and after number 5 you can open your eyes and return.
After or even during this meditation you might have feelings, intuition, so pay attention to them. They can be the solution to your problem. If you can’t see the solution to your problem after 1-2 days, just repeat the meditation.
Give it a try, it may help you

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