Send blessing to someone you hate

How can you send blessing to someone you hate? Well that can be very hard, I acknowledge. I know that it’s impossible to do it by heart (which would be very important), if there is hatred inside. But in spite of the fact that it is difficult, I encourage you to do it.

I know that it sounds grotesque but you actually have to force yourself to send love and blessing to your enemy. Why? Simply because the energy WORKS. Because if you do so, after a while you’ll notice that you don’t have to force yourself. Sending love and blessing will start to come by your heart. And that was the aim. You’ll start to seek for hatred inside, because you’ll realize that it started to disappear.
So you might have to force yourself to send blessing 3-4 times, or maybe 10 times, but if you keep doing it, it will change. Love will be stronger than hatred. It has to be like that, because you have the intention to send love, and love will fill your heart and clear away hatred. And then you’ll also realize that you actually forgave someone, whom you hated before

If it’s hard for you to imagine sending love alone, then give a try to my Guided meditation titled, Sending love and blessing from the mountains

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