Sending blessing by EGO

Sending blessing not by your heart but by your EGO? What do you think? Can it work? Well I have a story about that.
I had a conflict with my Mom, about half a year ago. I wouldn’t go into details, to make a long story short, but if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll tell you
My mom was very angry with me, but fortunately this happened in an evening, so she didn’t have time to argue with me. So I knew that we would argue the other day for at least 1 day on this topic. I obviously knew that I have to send love and blessing to her. I just felt that I can’t do it from my heart, actually I could just do it because of my fears and frustrations, that I don’t want to listen to her arguing with me for a whole day. So I doubted if it would work, because it didn’t come from deep inside my heart. The blessing I sent was actually not for her, rather for me, to prevent the whole-day-quarrel on the other day. So my aims were a bit selfish 😊, I have to confess.
The other day came, and I was convinced that the blessing wouldn’t work in this case, and I was nervous and prepared for the quarrel that comes. I met my Mom she told 2 or 3 sentences about why she was angry, and that was all. No drama, no conflict… I was astonished. I really wouldn’t have thought that blessing would work in this case and it did. I was so happy to know how powerful tool is there in my hands

This case actually showed me that you don’t necessarily need to send blessing by your heart. Of course it must be better if you can do so. But it convinced me that the intention to send love and blessing is more than enough. You don’t even have to believe that it will work (I didn’t believe it then). Just do it and I’m sure the result will be amazing. So give it a try, because it serves you

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