Sending blessing meditation

Today I’d like to share with you a meditation that you can use if you had a conflict with someone and it can help you forgive and let go of the negative feelings.
After relaxing your body (you can do it for example by focusing on your breath or focusing on your body), imagine that you are in a nice place, a park, a field, a mountain, at the beach or wherever you feel the high vibes of the place.
Imagine meeting the person whom you had conflict with. Tell him/her nicely how you feel, what you think about the situation, so anything that comes to your mind.

Send love and blessing to him/her. Try to feel it as intensively as you can. Try to do it by your heart. Try to feel the energy that comes out from your heart.
After that be grateful that he/she accepts your point of view, and that you got reconciled. Now if you want you can stay a bit like that, enjoying this peaceful state.
When you feel ready to come back, count from 1 to 5, and after number 5 you can return.

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Or you can listen to on Youtube as well: Sending love from the mountains guided meditation  If you like it, please subscribe to my Youtube Channel to get notified when I release new meditation 🙂

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