Spirit-Turtle arrived :-)

I was thinking about some kind of positive affirmations to my sons. I wanted something cute for them. So I asked my hubby, to tell me the first cute animal that comes to his mind. He told me turtle. I liked the idea very much. So I decided to make cards of this cute turtle with positive affirmations on them like “I am blessed”.
When I printed out the cards, my sons noticed them, and asked what they were. I told them why I made the cards, and asked them if they want to play a game with them. The concept of the game is: they choose a card every day and in the end of the day they have to recall something that is in harmony with the card of the day. For example, if he picks the card “I am blessed”, then we discuss why he was blessed that day. They liked the idea very much. So tomorrow we’ll start the game.
If you would like to try it out also, feel free to download Spirit-Turtle messages here. (We couldn’t agree how to write its name, my hubby suggested Spiriturtle, but this is my blog 🙂

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