Strawberry jam

I’m done with this year’s strawberry jam making, we have twenty jars of fresh strawberry jam 🙂

Without a toddler in the house it takes 6 or 7 hours to make such an amount, but since we do have a toddler in the house (again), I could only manage it in 3 days… 🙂

My children’s favourite jam is absolutely strawberry jam. They love it with pancake, on bread and of course they love to eat it on its own 🙂

I make jams in a very easy way, with jam setting sugar. You just have to hull the strawberries, then wash them thoroughly. Put them in a pot, then mash them. Add the jam setting sugar to it. And now you just have to cook it. After 2 minutes boiling you can put it in the jars. Finally, I always cover them with blankets, to make them cool down slowly. And that’s it 🙂



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