The power and benefits of group meditation

Group meditation vs meditating alone

I’d never underestimate the power of meditating alone. Because I do believe that it’s essential to get to know more who we really are, which is one of the most important goals in our lives. Group meditation is not better than meditating alone. It’s not a substitute for practicing meditation alone, I’d say it’s rather a complement of it. But there are many benefits of group meditation as well. So let’s see them.

Benefits of group meditation

There are several benefits of meditating together, here are some point that might convince you to join a group 🙂

The most obvious benefit of group meditation

Let’s see the most obvious benefit. Sometimes it can be hard to listen to a guided meditation, because we surf the Internet, and OK, I’ll look at this, oh, yet that, and just one more. And soon we realize that it’s already 10 o’clock in the evening, and we still have many things to prepare for tomorrow. And so we tell ourselves, OK I’ll meditate tomorrow, I’m quite tired anyway, I’d fall asleep probably. And the next day probably we go through the same process. Sometimes it can be even harder to make ourselves to sit down and meditate, without any guidance.  So group meditation might “force” you gently to take part, it can encourage you to be there, you’d probably have a stronger feeling that you need to be there, you shouldn’t miss the chance.

Group meditation can help you to make a habit of practicing meditation

So you have a stronger feeling, a desire not to miss the opportunity to meditate. This will help you develop a habit of practicing meditation, it can motivate you to build this practice to your day-to-day life. Which is obviously very important, because there are many long-term effects and benefits of meditation. And you can enjoy these benefits if meditation is part of your day-to-day life. So attending group meditation can help you practice meditation regularly, and so it can help you experience the benefits of meditation, which will probably lead you to build practicing meditation in your day-to day life.

Sharing your experience

Group meditation makes it possible to share your experience right away. To share how you felt, share what you saw, share your emotions, share your experience. And that can be very nice, because you can also get to know how others feel, you can exchange your experience. So it can be quite encouraging either.

You can feel more connected

Group meditations can help you make you feel more connected to others. It can help you experience more acceptance and love towards others. It can help you make you feel more secure as well, knowing that you’re in the right place and you’re doing very well.

It is guided

No matter if it’s live online group meditation or held in a Yoga studio for example, it’ll most likely be a guided meditation, which sometimes easier to follow for us. Especially when we start to practice meditation, guidance can help us focus our attention.

Being a part of a community

Becoming a part of a group can be encouraging, because we can feel that we aren’t alone with our perspectives. When we are a member of a group we can learn from each other and inspire each other.

Power of group meditation

I truly believe that group meditation can amplify the effect of meditating alone. The power is in the numbers. There are several studies that showed that many people meditating together can reduce crime in a city for example. So there are evidences that actually group meditation has powerful effects. Our minds are attuned so we can experience love and peace deep inside our heart in a more powerful way.

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