The spiritual awakening of an electrical engineer

Yes, that’s my hubby :­) As an engineer, you can guess how much he believed in God. Yes, he was a full atheist. But besides this, actually he was (and of course he is still) like a Buddha :-­) When I started to get engaged with these things (like I went to courses, bought books and things like that) he never-ever made any negative comments. I appreciate it so much. Of course he said that he didn’t believe in these stuffs, but he never told me not attend these courses, or not to buy those books, or not to spend my time with these rubbish things.

Actually he always lived his life in a spiritual way. He is a very patient, conscious, and wise person. I often tell him that he must be my spiritual leader 😉 But back to the point. He was convinced, that this is all bullshit, and I’d outgrow it :­) But he never hurt me, just told his opinion.

But I was persistent, I wanted to convince him that this is all true. Can you see the difference? I wanted to convince him, but I think he never wanted to convince me of the opposite, just told his point of view.

Time passed, and I kept showing him articles and videos. And I realized that he started to educate me, when I didn’t behave or didn’t act in a spiritual way. He warned me many times, and he always used the right words, that affected. Usually in these situations I ended up smiling, and told him that he was right, but I can’t help it. Why these things happened is that you have to know about me, that I am a quite quick­-tempered person. This is one thing that I really have to work on, and I do, so it gets better and better :­) Well I’m sure you want examples, how he treated me in these situations, but now just one comes to my mind. So I was quarreling, maybe I was right, but I was not expressing it the best way. Instead of starting to argue with me, he slightly asked: ‘Shall I bring and show you your Reiki Master Diploma, Honey?’ And he knew that this would calm me down, and I was going to laugh, and we can start a discussion :­) I just really love this in him. So, I think he was in this stage: he started to question his beliefs, started to think that maybe reincarnation, creating your own life, that we are not just a body and all these stuffs can be true.

So there he was, he seemed to lose that resistance that he had before towards spirituality. And of course I kept showing my books, articles and videos to him. And than I somehow felt that he changed his opinion. So one day, I asked him again: do you still think that reincarnation is just not possible? And I got the answer which meant, that now he believes in it :­) He answered: Well, I don’t know, but at least this is the best version that we can believe in :­)

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