To give or not to give antipyretic?

In the last two days, my youngest son had fever. And my dilemma came, as always when my sons have fever, because I don’t really like medicines. I know that we can’t avoid them, but I obviously choose herbs, and natural things, if I can. So the dilemma is to give the antipyretic when they have fever, or not to give. This question is quite theoretical, because I don’t dare not to give, but I really think about that a lot of time.

I have the point of view that under 102 Fahrenheit you don’t need to treat fever. It’s good for the body actually. But above that, we should do something. Actually, to be honest, I also watch my child’s mood. On Sunday he was running and playing with 102,6 Fahrenheit. I have to admit, that I didn’t give him any medicine as long as his mood was good. When he started to look pale then I gave him the antipyretic. Then his fever was exactly 104 Fahrenheit, which scared me a bit, because it only happened once before and with my middle son that we had that high fever. So, we wrapped the little one immediately in wet towel, and after only about 5 minutes, it went down to 102,2 Fahrenheit, so I calmed down a bit. One more stressful hour went by and at last the fever decreased to 100,4 Fahrenheit, and he was again cheerful 🙂

And I was thinking about this, as always when the kids have fever: If I hadn’t given him the antipyretic, would he become cheerful again after an hour? I’ll never know that, but something deep inside says yes, he would have been cheerful after an hour, even if he hadn’t got any medicine, just the wet towel. I also think this because I remember that my older sons had massive fever lasting sometimes for 5-6 hours, despite they got antipyretics. It was horrible. We had to give ibuprofen, paracetamol, and aminophenazone in rotation. The doctor said that we can give these medicines with two hours difference, but one kind cannot be used within 6 hours. And neither these medicines, nor the towel did help then. It was terrible, that we couldn’t help our kids. So, having experienced many times that our attempts are seemingly ineffective to decrease the fever, it’s hard to decide what really helps: antipyretics or wrapping the child in the wet towel… or neither of them?

But again, I don’t dare to risk and don’t want to make experiments on my own children, so I give them the antipyretics. And all of this remain just a contemplation of mine…

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