To see that LOVE…

As you may know from this September two of my kids go to school. I take them to school in the morning. My oldest son, Kristof always escorts my middle son, Mate to his classroom, and only after that does he go into his own classroom. My middle son’s classroom is in the end of a long corridor, so I never saw them how they part from each other, because there are so many children there at that time. I just saw how cute they are as Kristof grabs Mate’s hands, so they always go to the classroom holding each other’s hands.

Today we arrived earlier a bit, so there weren’t so many children. So I could see them perfectly 🙂 They walked to Mate’s classroom holding each other’s hand again, and now I could see them even when they got there. So they gave a cheek kiss, and then they showed that they love each other. We, the five of us have a unique gesture for this: we put one hand where our heart is. So they showed that to each other heart It was so touching, tears came to my eyes…. It’s so nice to see that they really love each other!

This was a moment that I want to store in my memory forever, and if I’m in a bad mood, just ‘load’ it and I’m sure I’ll have a smile on my face 🙂


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