When your 25-month-old practices mindfulness :-)

Yesterday my niece and my sister came to visit us. My niece, Viki is two and a half years old, and my youngest child, Dani is 25 months old. Needless to say that they love each other, because luckily we live near each other, so we can meet many times.

We made plasticine (I’ll write my recipe in the next blog post), we read books, played with toys and so on, all in all, we had a great time!

They asked me to read them a story with our old slide projector, because they love that very much. Oh yes, slide projector… I couldn’t find it on the Internet, but here is a photo of it, in case you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about:

We had to stop reading the second tale, because my Mom came over also. Then they forgot about it, and they started to play something else. After a while Viki asked me to read a book to them, but then it came to Dani’s mind that we hadn’t finished slide projecting. So he told, that first we should finish to read the story with the slide projector. So you can imagine, that they started to argue. 1 minute later I just heard Dani taking deep breaths, but he was actually sniffing as well, so I told him to stop sniffing, and let’s blow his nose. But as I was telling this, I realized, that he was moving his hands as well, and actually I understood only then that he took deep breaths, instead of arguing with his cousin. He wanted to calm himself down. He did it just like the way we do nowadays with his dad, when we got angry about something. So I thought to myself, this is when you are the example for your child 😉 I smiled, and I was so proud of him, and I just felt a warm feeling deep in my heart!

We can really teach these things, even to the youngest ones. It seems that the best way to introduce spirituality, the methods, the mindset to your children is simply being the live example. I don’t say that we (me and my hubby) never yell at our children sometimes, but we argue much less, than we did in the past. We learned a lot, we learned how to treat our negative emotions… Instead of yelling at our children, we look at each other, and force ourselves to take deep breaths, then we look at each other again and we burst out laughing! Finally we always come to the conclusion, how beautiful life we have with 3 beautiful, smart and cute kids 🙂


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