Would you like to spend more quality time with your kid?

We live in a fast-paced world. It’s not always easy to spend quality time together with our family. But we all know that it would be very important. Not only for us, but also for our children. Just to pay more attention to them.

Benefits of spending more quality time with your children

If we spend more quality time with our children, it can affect on many areas of their lives.

For example they can feel more secure, they can feel more at peace, they might also feel more confident, and they will for sure feel more loved, just to mention some of the benefits.

So what is one of my top tips to spend more quality time with your child?

Be your child’s meditation guide 🙂 Why?

Because not only will you spend more quality time with your child, but also your kid can experience the benefits of meditation. And there are a lots of benefits of practicing meditation, believe me. I might write another post about that, here I’d just like to mention some. Meditation can help your child:

  • release anxiety
  • become more self-confident
  • reach his/her full potential
  • enhance his/her focus
  • feel more at peace
  • feel more happy

And the list goes on and on. So if I could convince you to be your child’s meditation guide, you might ask the question: But how can I do that?

How to be your child’s meditation guide

It’s quite easy, don’t worry, any mom can do that 🙂 It’s almost like telling the bedtime story to your child.

Actually I used to do it like that with my children. Before going to sleep, I told them my stories, asked them to imagine it. And that’s all. Basically you need only three 3 thing for being your child’s meditation guide:

  • take your time, you don’t want to hurry
  • a story that they can imagine
  • reading or telling the story in a slow, gentle voice

And that’s it. Well, there could be rules of course, that they should take some deep breaths, or focus on relaxing their bodies, or whatever. And yes, I truly believe that they are good, I use them. But you can skip them. You can meditate without them. There’s no right or wrong in meditation. Just start it. Practice it. I’m sure you’ll see how effective it is.

If you feel you need a helping hand

If you’re unsure, or you’d also like to bring the breathing part in your meditation, then I’d like to offer my ebook for you. I wrote many meditation scripts for my children back in 2015. My children loved them. The reason why I use past tense is because they don’t need my guidance anymore. They learned to meditate alone. We built in our everyday-life and they use it. And this is something that I’m very grateful for. That I taught them how to practice meditation, because I know that that’s one reason why they are so happy, why they are so balanced, why they are so confident, why they are at peace.

So if you would like to try my scripts, just click below, where you can find my ‘pay as much as you want ebook’: Magical nest – Introducing meditation to your child

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